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To be eligible for support for a loan from us, you’ll need to fit the following criteria:

  • Must be a Hampshire resident
  • Be a private SME stakeholder
  • Have a productive business


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Important information

When you apply for a loan, it’s likely that the rate you receive will be based on your personal circumstances. It will take into account your credit history and finances, as well as the loan amount and length of your borrowing. This is your personal APR.

It’s important to realise this before you apply – particularly if you’re shopping around based on the representative APRs you see advertised. 

The representative APR is a useful comparison tool, but not necessarily the rate you’ll receive. Indeed, it’s likely that customers will get a personal APR even if they are in the 51% who receive a rate that is the same as, or lower than, the representative APR.

You might not know your personal rate until after you’ve applied for a loan, and simply applying could affect your credit rating.

This is because lenders will usually check your financial background with a credit reference agency before deciding whether to make you a loan offer, and the checks will be recorded on your file. Once you take out a loan, the lender has to update your credit file.