Bringing banking back to you.


There’s been a 12% decline in SME lending levels since 2013

Important Disclaimer: We are in the process of applying for a banking licence to the Prudential Regulation Authority (PRA) and the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA). Until we receive Authorisation and are then regulated as a bank, please do not take any information on this website to indicate that Hampshire Community Bank is yet authorised, or as an invitation or inducement to apply to Hampshire Community Bank for any banking services or products.

The first not-for-profit community bank that works for Hampshire is being created

Key Benefits

  • Serves the local community and works with SMEs and councils to deliver sustainable economic growth
  • Retains profits for reinvestment in the local economy of Hampshire
  • Cannot be taken over or sold and will continue to exist to benefit the people of Hampshire

Lending to Small and Medium Sized Firms in Hampshire

We have already been creating jobs in Hampshire through our lending to SMEs from our Green Growth Loans Programme (GGL), backed by Eastleigh Borough Council and the Government. The GGL is a revolving loan fund.  For our next stage – the Community Bank – Hampshire city councils, borough councils, universities, Local First CIC and HCB Foundation (a charitable entity) have provided the capital.


One of a Kind

Your money stays in the community: 50% of the returns go to HCB Foundation, a charity for the benefit of the people in Hampshire.